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fayetteville family and cosmetic dentistry has been serving residents of the fayetteville area for nearly 40 years

Our Fayetteville family dentist office serves the families of Fayetteville NC and is conveniently located near Fort Bragg and Hope Mills, NC.

Although our office is under new ownership, our facility has been serving residents of the Fayetteville area for nearly 40 years. Many of the people that we serve are 2nd and 3rd generation patients of the practice.

Fort Bragg’s New Ballpark

Many of our patients come from Fort Bragg. If you live in the Fort Bragg area, you’ve probably noticed the new ballpark that’s gone up. It’s a gift from the Major League Clubs to show support and appreciation for members of the Service and their families. It opened in early 2016 and its opening game was the very first professional league game that has ever been played on an active military base.

Convenient to Hope Mills, NC

Established in the early 1700s, Hope Mills was once the site of booming colony trade. Hope Mills was previously named Rockfish Creek, and was the home of the Rockfish Manufacturing Company. The milling industry continued to thrive, but as times have changed, none of the textile mills are in operation any longer. If you’re ever traveling through the area, you want to be sure to tour the town’s rich, historic atmosphere.

We Love Families

family-looking-for-a-dentist-in-the-fayetteville-fort-bragg-or-hope-mills-area-happy-that-the-flexible-hours-at-fayetteville-family-cosmetic-dentistry-make-scheduling-easyEach year, Fayetteville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry volunteers with the Missions of Mercy Clinic in Fayetteville. We volunteer our services and time to provide essential oral health care to underserved residents in and around our community.

Is your family looking for a new dentist in the Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, or Hope Mills area? The flexible hours at Fayetteville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry make it easy to schedule everyone at the same time, so that you don’t have to drive back and forth all over town for your dental checkups. Call us today!